Smile for me Daddy by Simone Lini


 Simone Lini Trivulzio ( Photography / Concept ) 

I’m Simone Lini Trivulzio, I am an Italian photographer based now in Warsaw. I studied fashion photography at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan. Now I collaborate with polish artists and recently my work has been focused on the research of the slavic beauty from a western point of view.

Website : / 

Instagram : @simonelinitrivulzio 

Facebook : Simone Lini Trivulzio Photography

 Dagmara Podkrólewicz ( Graphic Design )

Website :




 Areta Szpura ( Styling ) 

Instagram : @areta

 Monika Konarzewska ( Make-up ) 


Instagram : @aquarius_mua

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